Solar Installation ON/OFF Grid

Ground Mounted Solutions

Solar-Tec offers ground mounted systems in a ground penetrating system, a ballasted ground system and a single axis tracker system. The ground penetrating system and the single axis tracker system utilize vertical structural supports that are either driven (piles or helical screws) or drilled (for posts with poured concrete to secure) into the ground. The ground penetrating system and ballasted ground system can be configured at an optimized fixed tilt angle (calculated for the specific latitude) or at an adjustable tilt angle throughout the year to maximize performance. The single axis tracker automatically positions the solar panel array throughout the day to follow the sun from east to west to maximize performance.

 Carport Solutions

Solar-Tec offers carport mounted solar systems in single column single cantilever, single column double cantilever and double column configurations. The single column single cantilever systems allow the carport to be installed without taking up the parking space. The single column double cantilever provides more solar panel space and minimizes the interference with parking spaces. The double column configuration is typically used for smaller carport solar systems with smaller support columns and requires more interference with parking spaces.

Roof Mounted Solutions

Solar-Tec offers roof mounted systems in a flush roof mount, a ballasted roof mount and a fixed roof mount system. The flush roof mount and fixed roof mount systems penetrate the roof surface and attach to the roof substructure. The ballasted roof mount system is weighted to hold down the system on the roof and does not penetrate the roof surface. The flush roof mount is typically installed on an asphalt shingle, wood shingle, tile, metal corrugated and metal standing seam roof surfaces with the same pitch angle as the roof structure. The ballasted roof mount system can be installed on a flat roof with a pitch angle from 0 to 20 degrees. The fixed roof mount system can be installed on any roof surface or as an awning on the side of a building, but typically has a different pitch angle optimized for solar production.

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